Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Kimber's Underpants Saga..(Temporary relief to owners for dog in heat)

When I started this blog I was going to keep it to food and things I made.  It looks like after the 2nd post I could not resist and had to bring in the pets:  Sorry If you have a soft stomach :)

Anyone that has ever had a dog in heat knows it is enough to drive one crazy. Especially when it is a 60lb lab....I guess I should be gratefull its not a 80lb lab. I can deal with Kimber's boyfriend (a black mutt that Hannah deemed the name Sirius Black) hanging around the yard for a month. But the mess on my bed this morning......I needed to seek out some dog heat advice.....via the internet of course.
The Bed Mess:

Phase I : After reading The "Heat" Cycle I went to Fred Meyers and got a tripple pack of Superman little boys underwear.  And akward as that was I had to pick up a pack of panty liners to put inside them.  I am sure the clerk thought I was going to use both of them. 

Phase II:    Ta-Da! We're in business!

The attempt to rid the Superman cape!

"Cory...come back, help me get these off! "
"Get them off! "

"I give up!"

I dont really don't think these will stay on unless I had packing tape or Kimber didn't have teeth.  But I dont have tape and she has teeth.  

Phase III: Unerpants for for tomorrow!

P.S. If you have not been humored enough by Kimber's new little get-up. I thought I got panty liners, but it looks like i got Poise (generic brand) on accident for bladder loss.....Looks like I will have to keep them around for another 30 years until I need them.

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