Monday, January 11, 2010

New Year = Lydia's New Blog

I told myself 2010 was the year I started blogging. Here I am starting 10 days late in 2010. The creation of Made To Order was not because Hannah gave me the book Julie & Julia for Christmas. Or the fact that I have run out of people to talk about my cats and dogs with. (Not that blogging and owning animals piggyback each other) The real reason is simple. I have been following a lot of great blogs for the past 2 years and I am inspires. There are some fantastic women (and men) out there that have wonderful blogs and have really helped me in a pinch: simple crafts, baking, cooking, God faith and fellowship, gift ideas, parties, decorations, holidays, budget saving tips, home projects, dining out. So finally I decided it is time I start doing my part and paying back all the borrowed tips, shared stories, recipes, testimonies, projects and secretes of the art of being better women (and men) together.

Looking forward to having a lot of fun together.

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