Monday, February 14, 2011

Cats and Cards Don't Mix!

Okay….I’ll put it out there. I love crafting, stamping, card making, painting, paper designing. The list goes on but I will stop there. I don’t just love crafting but I think about it all the time……what type of cards will I make next or what project is next on my list. I don’t think Mr. Live-In shares in my love but he will make a card every once in awhile or make an attempt to stamp here and there and color in the stamps with markers…… (unfortunately, I have yet to picture one of Mr. Live-Ins cards).

"I love making cards" -Ginger
"If I fit into the box, I can show up the
ladies at the card party"-Ginger
One issue I have with making cards is that Ginger (or Ginger Mr. Live-In calls him) never leaves me alone. 

To feed my addiction I started attending “card parties” with some crafting experts. These ladies are extreme…and I mean extreme, a whole new level above me on crafting ability. I craft…….. they live to craft….they have a special tool for everything and I think were horrified when I brought a glue-stick to the first craft card party I attended. ( I learned now to bring double stick tape is the way to go)!

Here are the results......Even with Ginger in the picture I think they still turned out pretty good!


My Prized Valentine Creation!

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